Ice Hockey: Satek OT winner stuns Phantoms


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Manchester Phoenix  3 – 2 Peterborough Phantoms

 (After Overtime)

Michal Satek overtime strike saw a hard fought win for the short benched Manchester Phoenix on Sunday night, as they came from behind to beat the title challenging Peterborough Phantoms 3-2 at Deeside Ice rink.

Phoenix had the rarity of a full compliment of players at their disposal for the match and despite the Phantoms being the inform side, Peterborough were surprising not the aggressors at the start of the match.

Robin Kovar came the closest to breaking the deadlock in the game as his effort was brilliantly saved by the always formidable Janis Auzins between the pipes for Peterborough.

Manchester then found themselves on a extended penalty kill, with Ben Wood and Luke Boothroyd both sat in the penalty box for respective penalties and that gave the visitors a great chance to go ahead. However the hosts had other ideas and a resolute Manchester defence successfully killed off both penalties.

Minutes later Dan Wheldon was then called by referee Steve Matthews for a Hooking and from that resulting powerplay for the Phoenix, it saw Ben Wood scoring netting the opening goal at 9:53 with Nico Aaltonen and Stanislav Gron grabbing assists on the effort.

Manchester despite being short benched as they have done for the whole of the season so far, saw them giving their opponents a tough game and in patches was the better side in the opening ten minutes of the contest.  

Phoenix then suffered a huge blow midway through the first period when Stanislav Gron collided with Martin Susters while falling it seemed at centre ice and that saw the Slovakian hitting the ice hard and skated immediately to the team bench, where that would be his final action of the game.

Peterborough then found their shooting boots and inside a 21 second spell in the first, it saw Milan Baranyk netting from a rebound by Steve Fone to level the game at 12:05 and then the Phantoms went 2-1 up with a Ales Padelek rocket flying by Fone at 12:26.

Manchester was doing well to clog up the Phantoms attackers and stop them inflicting any more damage on the Phoenix and had them standing firm after that mini lapse in concentration.

Manchester in the second saw them creating some brilliant goalscoring opportunities, but just failed to find the finish to their plays and had Peterborough as well finding it hard to bury their chances.  

Peterborough had the better of the second period and had the lionshare of the puck but wasn’t causing many problems for the home side. However with seconds remaining on the period, it saw a Darius Pliskausakas shot finding the back of the net only for the referee to wash it out immediately for an accidental goalie interference call.

When the time ran out there was discussions between Baranyk and the Referee as the players left the ice surface.  The arguments continued on well after the period end and had Phantoms Captain James Ferrara and Head Coach Slava Koulikov both speaking to the man in charge during the intermission.

It was no doubt a big call in the game as if the goal had stood it would have been game over for sure for the Phoenix you felt. Play in the third period of play saw the Phoenix getting their second wind and came right at their opponents and looked for this tying goal.

Phoenix pressed hard and had the Phantoms happy to soak up the pressure from the hosts as Auzins was on top of the Phoenix forwards for the majority of the game.  

Eventually the resistance from the visitors was broken when Finnish player Nico Aaltonen somehow netted after a scramble at the front of the Peterborough nets at 52:44 for a 2-2 hockey game.

The hosts grew in confidence and you they had a chance of getting the a winning goal towards the end but once again Auzins was there to deny the Phoenix shooters. Peterborough had a chance just prior to the close of the third, when Fone lost sight of it and had the Phantoms forward pushing a Phoenix defenceman lead to a scrum around the Manchester net.

It led to Overtime being needed to try and separate these teams and it saw the visitors controlling the puck and looking the better side to begin with.

Phoenix collected a loose puck through Michal Satek and the Slovakian went ‘coast to coast’ so to speak and saw the Phoenix man skating round the last man and had the offensive awareness to flip it over the out coming goalie in Janis Auzins, to score the game winner in overtime and give Manchester a huge confidence boosting victory.




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