Speedway: Cook & Co Serve Up a Thrashing to the Hammers




 Belle Vue  Aces   63   –  29   Lakeside Hammers

The Belle Vue Aces put on a demonstration of gating and team riding against their opponents the Lakeside Hammers on Wednesday night, after the Manchester club thrashed the Essex side 63-29 at the National Speedway Stadium.

Belle Vue went back into Elite League action minus their Australian U21 star Max Fricke, who was injured in the World Cup Race-off last Friday Night, Ironically on his home track at Belle Vue. Mark Lemon made a shrew move to bring in British Champion Danny King as a Guest for the fixture as the Coventry man clearly has a liking for the NSS, after he won the British Final earlier in the year at the track and also rode well for Great Britain this past Saturday in the World Cup Final.

For the visiting Hammers, it saw their plans thrown out the window before a wheel was turned, with Swedish World Cup star Andreas Jonsson was forced to pull out of the meeting earlier in the day from a bout of food poisoning and so saw Kelvin Tatum’s side having to track rider replacement for him. Edward Kennett saw him getting the better of Matej Zagar and Steve Worrall in the opening race and that was one of the few bright points that the Lakeside outfit enjoy during a horrid evening for the Hammers.

Belle Vue reserves Richie Worrall and Joe Jacobs picked up the first maximum heat for the Aces in Heat 2 as some great gating by the British duo saw them moving the home side in front. Craig Cook and Danny King both fresh from their successful World Cup exploits at the weekend, saw them forming a exciting duo and had them both attacking Richard Lawson at the same time with Cook coming around the outside and King steaming underneath Lawson for maximum points. 

Lakeside then had the two Lewis’s coming to their aid in Heat 4, when Bridger and Kerr rode to a 5-1 for the Hammers and saw the score line 14-10 in favour of the hosts and from that point onwards it was all one way traffic for Belle Vue. Edward Kennett battled with Richie Worrall for second place in Heat 5 and saw the former GB rider getting by Worrall and was unable to make any headway on Richie’s brother Steve who took the win.

Another 4-2 for the home side saw Scott Nicholls making up for his previous race, to which he failed too score but the Aces captain made a brilliant gate and nearly lost the lead temporarily to Richard Lawson, but Nicholls kept it wound on and retook the lead. Meanwhile Danny King tried everything he could do to get past Richard Lawson in the final two laps of the race, as the British Champion tried wide and inside lines but the Lakeside man just held onto second place.

Matej Zagar and Craig Cook then left their rivals for dead in Heat 7 as the Aces pair dished out a 5-1 to see them stretching the lead to 27-15 and looked to be cruising to victory so early in the meeting. Lakeside Team Manager and Sky TV pundit Kelvin Tatum, then saw him nominating Eddie Kennett for double points in Heat 8 and saw Kennett having to settle for second place as Scott Nicholls kept him out and saw a shared heat of 4-4.

Lewis Bridger was then the meat in a Worrall sandwich in Heat 9, after the former Eastbourne Eagles rider saw himself unable to shake off Steve Worrall and saw Bridger managing to hold second while Richie took the race win. Belle Vue then recorded five straight 5-1 heat wins against their opponents, with some fantastic gating being key along with teamwork proving to be the two pivotal things in their display.

Cook was in two of the most impressive maximum heat wins, as firstly he and King team rode to their second maximum in the meeting and then his second he was joined by Zagar who had Kennett and Nilsson miles behind the pairing in Heat 13. The Aces passed the 60 points barrier with a race to go, after Danny King who turned out to be inspired guest for the home side saw him picking up a race win on his way to a 8+2 score along with Scott Nicholls for the 8th maximum heat win the home side recorded to see Belle Vue lead 60-26 after 14 races.

Lakeside’s Richard Lawson had the final word of the night, as he made a flyer from gate 2 to see him pulling away from the unbeaten Craig Cook and denied him his paid maximum. With Wolverhampton losing down in Dorset against the Poole Pirates, it saw the Aces increasing their lead at the top of the Elite Table to Five points ahead of their meeting next Monday night at Monmore Green, before that though Mark Lemon’s side will firstly have to deal with the tricky return fixture down in Lakeside on Friday night and one that Hammers will want to avenge quickly.

Belle Vue Aces = 63

1. Matej Zagar – 2,3,2*,3 = 10+1
2. Steve Worrall – 1*,3,1,3 = 8+1
3. Danny King (G) – 2*,1,2*,3 = 8+2
4. Scott Nicholls – 0,3,3,2*,1* = 9+2
5. Craig Cook – 3,2*,3,2*,2 = 12+2
6. Richie Worrall – 3,1,3,2* = 9+1
7. Joe Jacobs – 2*,1,1,3 = 7+1

Lakeside Hammers = 29

1. Andreas Jonsson R/R – ( LB-0,RL-2,KN-1,EK-0 = 3 )
2. Edward Kennett – 3,2,4^,0,0,0 = 9
3. Richard Lawson – 0,2,1,1,1,3 = 8
4. Lewis Bridger – 0,3,EF,2,0 = 5
5. Kim Nilsson – 1,0,1,R,1 = 3
6. Robert Mear – 0,0,(LK-0),0,1 = 1
7. Lewis Kerr – 1,2*,0,(RM-0),0 = 3+1

Read more: http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/15932/belle-vue-lakeside-el-2016#ixzz4GlN7ZJ7z


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