Speedway: Aces sink the Pirates in Bank Holiday clash


Belle Vue Aces   49   –   41   Poole Pirates 

Belle Vue recorded a vital win over the Poole Pirates on Bank Holiday Monday, as in front of a bumper crowd at the National Speedway Stadium the Aces claimed a 49-41 victory over the Dorset side and helped boost their hopes of a top place finish in the regular season table with four meetings left for the Manchester side.

Max Fricke returned to the Aces lineup after the injury he sustained at the NSS during the World Cup race-off back in July and for once had the home side fielding a full strength side for the time in over a month. After the disappointment of losing to King’s Lynn at home the previous Wednesday evening, it had Mark Lemon commenting after that loss that the side would need to be on form to beat a tough team in Poole.

Slovenian rider and Belle Vue number One Matej Zagar took the opening win in Heat 1 after flying around Adam Ellis to take the lead and held on for the 3 points. The Aces reserve pairing of Joe Jacobs and Richie Worrall saw them recording a 5-1 for the home side as they beat the Pirates duo of Kyle Newman and Bjarne Pedersen. Heat 3 saw Max Fricke making a cut back pass on Poole’s Hans Andersen on the back straight of the opening lap as the Australian rider pulled away and saw Craig Cook all over the Danish rider and had to settle for third as the Aces secured a 4-2 and lead 12-6.

Kyle Newman then made a stunning pass on Joe Jacobs on the third lap of the race after the two British riders pushed each other hard for the final lap and saw the Poole rider just having the power to surge him ahead and take the race win ahead of the Belle Vue man. Heat 5 saw the visitors picking up their first and only heat advantage in the meeting through Adam Ellis and Bjarne Pedersen, after Steve Worrall dived up the inside of the Pirates duo to see them trailing 17-13.

Another good race the Pirates getting out of the gate on a 4-2 only for Scott Nicholls to separate the Poole pairing and had Max Fricke chasing down hard his fellow Aussie Countryman in Chris Holder and found some grip to blast round the Poole man for a third place and see a share of the points for a 3-3. Poole’s Krzysztof Buczkowski made a quick gate in Heat 7 for the away side and that was until the third bend on opening lap, when Cook went around the Polish rider and then Matej Zagar repeated the feat a lap later to see the Aces riders securing a 5-1 advantage..

Belle Vue Rentruck' Aces v Poole 'Readypower' Pirates, Elite League  29 August 2016
Taken from Belle Vue Speedway website Photo by Ian Charles: Matej Zagar (Red) inside Krzysztof Buczkowski (White), Steve Worrall (Blue) and Hans Andersen (Yellow/Black) 

Heat 8 was a carbon copy of earlier in the meeting, when Jacobs and Newman faced off again and saw the Pirates man proving to be quick for the Belle Vue man, as he once again edge him out in a yet another stunning race. Brady Kurtz who was scoreless in his opening two rides then popped out of the gate to take Heat 9.
Max Fricke then collected a last gasp point as he pipped Adam Ellis to third, while Chris Holder won his first race of the afternoon in Heat 10. Bjarne Pedersen and Joe Jacobs had a great race with other in Heat 12, with both riders racing hard and saw yet another shared heat with the Poole rider just getting the better of him.

Poole saw their hopes of trying to win the meeting go up in smoke as Hans Andersen suffered a bike failure on the opening lap and that effectively saw the Aces taking the match as Chris Holder made it two wins on the bounce as he made a lovely pass on Craig Cook on the last bend of the first lap to take the race win. Heat 14 saw a ‘Battle of Australia’ with Max Fricke and Brady Kurtz have a terrific race out front and needed the Belle Vue man to have eyes in the back of his head to spot the run of Kurtz for the second half of the race, as the Pirates man tried desperately to get by countryman but had to settle for second.

An incredible last heat saw Max Fricke and Chris Holder battling it out for the lead and was close going into the final bend with the former World Champion just holding off Fricke for the win. After a 8th successive 3-3 in row between the sides, it showed how evenly matched the two clubs are heading into the playoffs. Belle Vue travel down to Wimborne Road on Thursday evening for the return meeting, where Poole have former Ace and Pirates asset Krzysztof Kasprzak guesting for the home side after Hans Andersen was injured in a crash involving Max Fricke on Leicester, after the Aussie guested for them later in the evening.

Belle Vue Aces = 49

1. Matej Zagar – 3,2,3,1,1* = 10+3
2. Steve Worrall – 0,2,1,0 = 3+1
3. Max Fricke – 3,1,1,3,2 = 10+2
4. Scott Nicholls – 1,2,1,0 = 4+2
5. Craig Cook – 1,3,2,2 = 8
6. Richie Worrall – 2,0,2,2 = 6+1

7. Joe Jacobs – 3,2,2,1* = 8+1

Poole Pirates = 41

1. Chris Holder – 1,0,3,3,3 = 10
2. Adam Ellis – 2,3,0,0 = 5
3. Krzysztof Buczkowski – 0,1,2,1 =4+1

4. Brady Kurtz – 0,0,3,2 = 5
5. Hans Andersen – 2,3,1*,R,0 = 6+1
6. Bjarne Pedersen – 0,1,(KN-3),3 = 4
7. Kyle Newman – 1,3,3,0,0 = 7



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